Fifteen Ways to Heal the World”

I started consciously writing this little book a year ago with my feet buried in the St. Ives harbour sand, watching my little girl building a sand-dam to stop the tides from coming in.  But in hindsight I realise it’s probably been creating itself step by step over the past eighteen years or so.

It’s a 9000 word collection of poetry, paintings, prose and philosophies about our Journey through the material, socially constructed world around us, to unearth our very own Inner Truth; by looking at our own thoughts and actions, our relationships and interactions with others, and our ethereal connection with universal consciousness.

What it’s not is a self-help book or a step-by-step formula to healing our lives, for I believe that each and every one of us is on our own life journey and we all have our own directions and our reasons for being.  What I hope it will be however, is a droplet of light in helpless times; a key to the wisdom we can gain from negative experiences; a little nudge towards a deeper existence in the beautiful world in which we live.

I’ve included the introduction, contents and three chapters of “Fifteen Ways to Heal the World” on the main site.   At the moment the manuscript in the hands of two very special friends for their feedback before being sent off for publication.

Prices and availability will be made known on here as soon as I know. Meanwhile if you’re interested in ordering a copy when they become available, please send me an email!



Fifteen Ways to Heal the World


A few months ago, I woke one morning to find a sentence scribbled on a piece of paper beside my bed.


As I began to tune into the day, I had a vague recollection of being jolted awake in the middle of the night with a profound phrase in my head, which I remember feeling compelled to write down.

It took many days to comprehend the intensity of this message, but I knew at once that it was a Gift, a piece of Spiritual Wisdom which had been sent to me, and which would be the essence of the book which I would consequently write:


Life is just a flicker of consciousness in the Universe…”





Re-define Prosperity

Nurture the Child Within

Make Friends with your Shadow Self

Find Acceptance in the Here and Now


Achieve Inner Stillness



Spend Precious Moments with Precious Others

Forgive an Old Hurt

Learn from One at their Journey’s End


The Spaces In Between…

Listen with your Soul

Drink in the Beauty on your Doorstep

Embrace the Enormity of the Ocean

Breathe Vitality through a Rainy Day

Learn the Moon

Speak the Language of the Universe




Love truly. Live deeply. Run free!

Dance! Let the energy of freedom flow through your body. Dwell not on that which aches but dance with love for the body which carries your spirit through the glory of life itself.

Take delight in the air which slips between your fingers at night; tears through your hair by day; kisses your face as the rain beats down.

Adore the wet earth between your toes as you rejoice in the sense of touch present as a gift. Dance your dance in life; true to your Soul.

Drink in the scent of flowers, the dampness of wood, the warmth of the sun and sink deep into the glory of transportation to a memory, by the delicious sense of smell: the sensuality, the excitement; the key to every emotion, every memory; every lesson of your journey along the way.

Dance to the gentle breath of dawn, the colours in the virgin sun; the passionate opera of a sunset finale. Indulge in the architecture of spiders; the craftsmanship of bees.

Dance for the sheer bliss of being alive in a body which can move. Trust the soul to set you free, free to move in the dance of love; for adoration, for passion, for the sake of sensuality alone. Indulge in the touch of another; the scent of a lover; the dance of yearning and desire; the tender breath of love.

Dance with liberation! Embrace the pinnacle of reckless abandon like a horse set free in the waves. Feel the beat of the Earth racing through your heart.

Dance as though you only have your life to live.



Re-define Prosperity

If we invested as much of our daily lives into beautifying the Soul as we do the body, what glorious human beings we could be…


Sometimes it is in suffering materially that we are handed the gift of spiritual evolution. Often in our quest for material survival in the hardest and most financially depleted of times, we come to find the essence of who we truly are within our souls and as we begin to nurture this discovery, we set ourselves free to experience life from the Soul. Eventually we no longer feel the need to cling to the fragile and temporary security of financial prosperity, but to embrace the completeness of total spiritual grounding: prosperity in its highest form.

At first this may seem a far cry from what is attainable and real in the contemporary western world. But it is not. It is real. Why succumb entirely to the pressure of material possession, when you can set yourself free from the spiritual wasteland and nourish the soul with the beautiful free gifts of the world?

We can be prosperous in the quality of moments we have immerse ourselves in our passions: painting, playing music, sinking our hands into the earth and watching new plant life grow. Prosperity is the beauty of being alive; of sharing time with children. It is in the moments lost beneath the stars; in the rain upon our faces and the wind in our hair. We find prosperity in our physical health and through our emotional wellbeing. Prosperity comes in the form of knowledge, in the energy of learning. It is in the ability to shine, in the talents which define who we truly are. Prosperity is in the ability to laugh freely; it is the acceptance of faith.

We can be prosperous in the quality of the relationships we nurture; the love shared between friends, the moments of trust which develop psychically between individual souls. We can be prosperous in the acceptance of our sexuality, in loving honestly, without boundaries of shame and obligation. We can be prosperous in the freedom to live with joy, not suspended in hope or regret but to simply live. Find it in the moments of simply being.



Spend Precious Moments with Precious Others

A kindred spirit is one who holds a mirror to your heart and helps you look inside

The significant relationships in our lives provide passwords to the passages leading to our enlightened Truth. They can serve to deepen the understanding which lies at the level of the Soul, and to introduce us gradually to the fullness of our own Shadow Self.

The significant relationships in our lives provide mirrors to our own Soul. Often what we perceive as a “bad” relationship is, at the subconscious level, a distorted mirror image of our fears, our anxieties and our undesirable traits; those which we endeavour our lifetime long to conceal from our own conscious reality.

In our innate psychological pursuit of perfection we repeatedly project our negative traits onto the behaviour and countenance of others, allowing us to legitimately despise and chastise our Shadow Self by watching it play itself out over and again through the actions and words of others. Through the people who disturb or repel us, we seek to bury the shadow self further and further away from our own conscious mind. Therefore, often we are drawn to damaging relationships because they echo our own weaknesses and satisfy the negative beliefs we subconsciously maintain about ourselves.

Often it is through these “wrong” relationships that we embark upon the most profound and powerful stages of our Spiritual Journey. Every experience we encounter offers a gift of Learning, and it is with willingness to learn that we can acquire infinite Wisdom. In allowing ourselves to become receptive to these lessons and to have the courage and grace to release the earthly experience into this universal realm of acceptance and understanding, we become grateful for the presence of every significant relationship in our lives, regardless of whether the experience itself created gentleness, ecstasy, peace or love…or whether it fuelled jealousy, fear, anger, humiliation or pain.

Perfection is a challenge which can never be met, for every trait is bipolar, therefore in order to experience the pinnacle of beauty, we must also know its darkest opponent and to be willing to witness it there both within ourselves and through the eyes of others.

Especially in romantic relationships, people come into our lives to take on one of a myriad different roles, each one as much a miracle as the other yet incomparable in their diversity: the Twin Soul, the Rescuer, the Grounding Force, the Liberator, the Guiding Light, the Teacher, the Playmate, the Destroyer, the Nurturer, the Follower, the Erotic Indulgence, the Spiritual Revelation…

However, the one to whom we feel most spiritually united is not necessarily the one with whom we can practically share a permanent partnership in this earthly life. However intense and complete the union on an ethereal level, it is vital to acknowledge where we are in this life, and to keep our feet firmly encased in the earth.

Twin souls can be like air and water, an indigo life-force, ethereally complete, yet lacking in the solidarity needed to balance the physical world. Water gets lost in water; Air dissipates into air; Earth crumbles into earth; Fire ignites fire beyond control. But often we come to learn that Air feels most beautiful when the feet are rooted in wet earth. Water sparkles its brightest beneath the moonlight when it rushes over pebbles; cups the sunset most eloquently when it rests heavily on a bed of stones. Fire holds enchantment and grace when contained within a bed of clay.

How does this reflect in our most significant relationships? Where does it resonate in the sharing of our journey on earth?

Look for the reflection of your Soul in others: a fragmented, distorted, mirror-mosaic image of the Self. Look closely enough with acceptance and faith, and you will catch the light of Truth in your own eyes, its expression holding you close, more intimate than you may wish to believe. Yet it is there when we behold it, and in doing so we find another sphere of completion within ourselves; through the Soul of another.


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